Feb 20, 2013

Odes and Love Letters

I saw this fun idea from Teaching With A Mountain View about a lesson writing love letters and I loved the sample - a love letter to a sprinkler, from a dog.  So on Valentine's Day, I told the kids they were going to be writing love letters and odes (not-so-silent groan).  After we briefly went over what an ode is, I showed them this Ode To My Second Cupcake, by Stacy Shubitz at Two Writing Teachers.  The kids were cracking up!  By the time I read them the sample from love letter lesson, the ideas were flowing.  Love letters from an airplane to an airport.  Peanut butter to jelly.  A comb to hair.  The left shoe to the right one.  Odes to their bedside table lamp.  To
Here are a few they came up with:

I am definitely doing this every year!

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