Aug 7, 2012

Story Mapping

Last year, I saw several super cute story maps circulating around and decided to try my hand at it too.  Cut to me typing, cutting, gluing, mounting on construction paper, laminating, and cutting again.  And then the posterboard was too small to fit all of the characters or settings that many of our books had!  So here's try number two for the older kids...  This time I printed off the titles and mounted them on foamboard, and stuck them straight onto the bulletin board.

As we read a story, the kids use post-its to add to our story map.  This one has more parts for 4th grade, but the one I used with 2nd graders only had Title (and author), Characters, Setting, Beginning, Middle, End, Problem and Solution.  Here's a student version for the kids to fill out on their own book, or with our class map.

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