Oct 17, 2012

Book Clubs Form

This will be a short post today, since it's the first day of UEA Break and it's time for some relaxation!  But I wanted to share a resource I've been using for my book clubs.  Right now we're just using the front side - keeping it basic.  So far it's keeping my kids organized and prepared to share with the group, so yay for that!    And Fall Break, here I come!

Oct 12, 2012

Numbers a Thousand Ways...Or Just Four

Write a number.  Write it in a different way.  Now write it again in a different way.  How are kids not in love with this delightful math topic??  So we have to shake things up to give students the practice they need with reading and writing numbers in different forms.  I used the sheet above for practice, and as a test a few days later.  During practice times, the kids always have to work with each other to make sure everyone in their row understands and can accurately complete the task (I spend time teaching my students how to help without giving answers or negativity) before they can be "done".  They took this sheet as a challenge!

I also have them make this 4-flap foldable as a final assessment.   

Oct 10, 2012

Don't Subject Me...

Subjects and predicates are hard to teach!  The kids can identify a fragment sentence when it's obvious, but still have a hard time forming them in their writing.  A fun game we play to work on this is the classic If...Then game, with a twist.  Each student gets a strip of paper, and half of the kids write a subject on it while the other half write a predicate on it.  (The predicates are hard, so I have them write a sentence and erase the subject)  Then we fold them up and make one pile of subjects and one pile of predicates.  The kids pick one from each pile to make a silly sentence!  Sometimes I'll also have them pick out two predicates or two subjects to read just to really show why you need both in a sentence.  We have a ball with all the crazy sentences!

Oct 1, 2012

Sharpie On The Whiteboard

Ever have a kid grab a sharpie instead of a dry erase marker to write on the whiteboard?  Whoops!  We had the date written permanently for months on our Morning Meeting board until I discovered nail polish remover takes it off.  A little cotton ball, a little nail polish remover, and voila-back to normal!  Now I keep some handy just in case...