Apr 12, 2013

Fabulous Finds Friday: Fraction Hopscotch

We're pretty deep into fractions now, and I think we've all been dreaming of multiplying fractions in our sleep!  The kids have had a lot of good discussions and quite a few misconceptions and false ways of thinking have surfaced.  This is my favorite thing because you get such a good view into the kids' brains and can see so blatantly where they're going wrong.  And that just makes my job teaching so much easier!

This game from Imperishably Beautiful for practicing fractions is ingenious!  On the blog, Shayla said it took her 45 min. to make, so I think I'd tape it to a long carpet remnant or a shower curtain (thumbtacked into the carpet to cut slippage).  You could use it for adding or subtracting fractions (using two throwing rocks), finding equivalent fractions, or have them multiplying whatever fraction they land on by a given whole number.  Any other ideas or uses?

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