Oct 19, 2013

A Teacher's Halloween

Are you ready for Halloween?  Better yet, are you ready for the school day after Halloween??
I'm not that into Halloween (Christmas is more my holiday) so I'm always looking for easy and cheap costumes to wear in our school's Halloween parade each year.  Do you ever have this problem?  So this year I decided to plan earlier and I've been scanning Pinterest for a few easy ideas I thought I'd share with ya.
The Paper Bag Princess                 Teachers! The stress of searching for a Halloween costume is done! Click on this image to follow this Pinterest board! It's an entire pin board of Creative Halloween Costumes for TEACHERS!!! Over 100 ideas already pinned!
The Paper Bag Princess-love this book!             Viola Swamp from Ms. Nelson                                                                                Is Missing

Raining Cats and Dogs!                              DIY Halloween Costumes: Mime | cable car couture                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

"It's Raining Cats and Dogs"                                                      The Classic Mime

Halloween treat bags for the kids classes! Love it!


One year I was Charlie Chaplin, since all I         And one last Halloween idea...  
needed was a bowler hat and fake mustache.     How cute is this!
My 2nd graders had never heard of him, so        (courtesy of Mud Pie Studio blog)
we enjoyed Chaplin movies as we waited for 
the school Halloween parade.

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