Sep 6, 2014

No More Nametags!

The day I got rid of nametags on the desk was the day I regained a piece of my sanity!  No more peeling tape.  No more distracted kids playing with the corners.  And no more scrubbing of that hard-to-get-off sticky residue that can send any teacher to a nice padded room with a leather reclining couch.  So the solution is...wet erase markers!  On the first day, my students are able to choose their own desk. (see post here)  When they do, they write their name decoratively with wet erase marker at the top of their desk.  This gives me time to organize classroom supplies, collect school forms, talk to students and do all the other things that pop up within the first 10 min. of the first day of school.
This form of nametagging makes it easy to change, the kids love it and I don't have any more battles with tape residue (wait, did I mention that already?).  No more paper nametags-and I'll never go back.

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