Apr 19, 2013

Fabulous Finds Friday: Show Me app

Have you heard about this app yet?  It's so fun!  It's like a whiteboard on your iPad, but you can record both sound and what's happening on the screen, and then save it and e-mail it.  I recorded some of my kids explaining their mathematical theories about equivalent fractions and showed their parents the kinds of discussions we were having at school about math.  A teacher across the hall had her kids show and explain a math concept they had solidified that term and showed the short videos at Parent Teacher Conferences.  The parents, and my principal, were so impressed!  And the best part of all...it's free!

iPad Screenshot 4

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  1. LOVE THIS!! Thank you for sharing. If you can email it, can it be embedded as well? Wondering because next year I will be back in fourth grade. Each student makes a personal PowerPoint for their Student-led conferences. It would be FABULOUS to add their group work/discussions in to it. My mind is running now!