Aug 9, 2012

Phonebook Fun!

In my math area, I keep a stack of old white pages and yellow pages.  What can you do with a bunch of yellow pages, you may ask?  Here's a few ideas...

*Math facts-have kids choose a phone number and add the first 3 digits, or the last 4 digits

*Addition/Subtraction with regrouping-Have kids choose two phone numbers and add or subtract them, or subtract the first 3 digits from the last 4 digits, for younger grades

*Expanded Form-Have kids write phone numbers, or the first 3 digits of a number, in expanded form

*Comparing Numbers-Kids choose two phone numbers or house numbers to write down, then write <, >, =

*Phonics-Go on a vowel or digraph search and have kids circle all the vowels, underline all the prefixes, etc.

*Writing prompt-Have kids choose an add in the yellow pages and write an advertisement for the company, a letter to the company, etc.  Youngers could use the ad as the setting or character in a fictional story (ie. a pizza place becomes their setting or a bug exterminator becomes their main character)

*Descriptive Writing/Biography-Have kids choose a name from the white pages and write a biography about who they think that person would be
I keep them handy anytime a student or a lesson finishes early.  It's the perfect no-prep go-to.

What would you do with a stack of yellow pages?

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