Jan 23, 2013

Ah, the Great Outdoors...

Did you know the state of Utah will arrange and pay for 4th graders to go on a snowshoe tour...and skiing, for that matter?  Who knew?  Who does that?  State officials not taking 75 kids on these excursions, I would assume.  State officials not buckling 25 pairs of ski boots at 7:45am or struggling to keep 25 pairs of skiis from collapsing domino-style for the third time in five minutes.  State officials not loading 57 pairs of snowshoes into the back of their car at REI on a Tuesday evening.

Nevertheless, the kids had a blast and I got the chance to try a classic Utah winter hobby for free.  And I think 9-yr-olds was a good crowd for a first-timer, non-aggressively outdoorsy person like me to go with.  Our guide pointed out endless animals tracks and talked about what a watershed is and how we protect it.  Did you know snow that falls into the river up Big Cottonwood Canyon is filtered and in the faucets of Salt Lake homes within 24 hours.  Again, who knew?

Would I go again?  Eh.  Being the Arizona girl that I am, accustomed to the ideal outdoor temperature of 82 degrees and sunny, I was of course cold the entire time.  Others, not so much.  So let me ask that one more time.  Would I go again?  Probably not...until next year's fieldtrip.  See you again in a year, REI.

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