Feb 21, 2015

Engage(NY) in Fractions

February was the month we started our fractions unit and I am so excited!  I know, weird considering several of the fraction standards are written in Greek.  Well, technically math language, but isn't it the same thing?
This time around I've been using EngageNY's modules to supplement my own activities and it's brought up some really deep math discussions.  I love the selection of fraction amounts they use in the problems that surface common misconceptions, and I love the fact it uses effective models like tape diagrams and number lines.  And the best part is that it's done.  Curriculum that actually fits with the way I'd teach, that has everything ready to go.  What every teacher needs.

Here's a video I made recently explaining in 3 min. or less the concept of adding fractions that have a sum greater than one.

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