Nov 15, 2013

Fabulous Finds Friday: Standards Based Assessments

During a school training today, the topic of our grade level's math assessments came up and I remembered all over again how much I love this great find!  It's by Kristine Nannini, whose tPt products I love, and much of her stuff is based on collecting, analyzing and interpreting data.  This particular math assessment is one I stumbled across last year and I love the way the questions push the kids to show their understanding-no multiple choice, 25%-chance-of-guessing-right here.   Best of all, it's divided up by standard, which is absolutely perfect for giving as a pre- and post- benchmark for each unit that I do.  Seriously, it's uh-mazing.  You'll love it!

Standards Based Assessment: 2nd Grade Math *ALL STANDARDS*  Standards Based Assessments: 3rd Grade Math *ALL STANDARDS

 Standards Based Assessments: 4th Grade Math *ALL STANDARDS  Standards Based Assessments: 5th Grade Math *ALL STANDARDS 

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