Aug 9, 2013

Fabulous Finds Friday: Hot Fudge Monday

So I know the blogs have been hit and miss this summer...mostly miss.  But the days of summer have just flown by, and sadly, they're quickly coming to an end.  I started getting e-mails again about choosing library and computer lab times and had to face the fact that it's time to jump into the school world again.  I also pulled out some teaching books I ordered at the end of the school year and got excited about this one all over again!
Grouped by part of speech, it has tons of really great student sheets for each of the parts of speech, most of them involving a piece of writing.  One of my favorite is an assignment to write about a used pop can, telling his sad story to a psychologist about being crushed and drained.  So fun!  Head to Amazon and check it out!

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