Sep 1, 2012

20 Things To Do With Sheet Protectors

*Keep frequently-used graphic organizers inside each sheet protector
* Make it more durable with a couple of pieces of cardstock inside

1. Math facts practice
2. Time quick practice
3. Ways to Make 10 list (picture below)
4. Place Value chart
5. Hundreds chart patterns - copy a hundreds chart, kids can color to practice 10 more, 10 less, evens, odds, skip counting, etc.
6. Graphing practice-put a grid in a sheet protector for daily graphs

7. Prefix/Suffix practice - say affix meaning & root word, and kids write word (ie. "to heat before"-kids write "preheat")
8. Phonics Hunt-copy page out of trade book or basal reader & have kids circle specific phonics pattern
9. Tic-Tac-Word-kids play tic-tac-toe with spelling words
10. Boggle
11. Brainstorming & Prewriting
12. Reader's Theaters - keep a copy of each role neat & together in a sheet protector; clip all the roles in a 3-ring binder
13. Human Sentence-string yarn through the holes of sheet protectors so kids can wear around their necks; kids can each write a word on their sheet protector and line themselves up to make sentences
14. Human words-same as Human Sentence, but write letters instead to make sight words

Social Studies/Science
15. Labeling World Map - practice labeling the continents, oceans, countries or states
16. Labeling parts of the body, a plant, cells, etc.

17. Peer teaching
18. KWL chart
19. Response sheet
20. Lined paper

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