Jul 27, 2012

Number Sense

To practice ways to make 10, I cut off two sections from an egg carton and the kids used 2-sided counters to show and list different ways they could make 10. (ie. 4 yellow + 6 red = 10)  This year in 4th, I think I'm going to use these bad boys as a concrete way to show multiplication, or the concept of multiplying by 10.

 The kids were really struggling with skip-counting.  So I printed off some cute numbered flip-flops to go with our Hawaiian-themed room and used clear contact paper to stick them to our floor.  Every time we left the classroom, the kids would hop on the flip-flop and say the number on the way out the door.  I'm doing the same in 4th next year, but used higher numbers instead to help with their multiplication facts.  Since our classroom theme is "Treasure Island", I painted it on pieces of wood fence slats with a sign that says "Walk the Plank".

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